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About DeltinaU

Ready to increase sales, get more leads, and build brand awareness?

DeltinaU gives you the tools to make it happen!

I’m Deltina Hay, and I develop information-packed, easy-to-follow online video courses and DVDs.

Why am I qualified to teach you how to get social?

I have been programming, developing, and consulting for businesses for 30 years. I am the author of three books on social media, the mobile web, and search optimization, and I developed the social media certificate program for Drury University.

And I have helped over 10,000 people just like you find success through my video courses!

DeltinaU courses are designed for the busy professional.

My courses are concise and comprehensive: Teaching you step-by-step what you need to market your business online. You can take courses online in my full-featured learning management platform, or order your courses on DVD.

If you are just beginning to market your business, or are a seasoned pro, DeltinaU has courses just for you.